My Quotes

1. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

2. Sometimes we don’t heal completely, and that’s okay.

3. Mi alma te necesita.

4. I’ll keep this poem short

Because some things

Aren’t meant to be talked about.

5. My brain overthinks things it shouldn’t think over.

6. And suddenly all my love poems were inspired by you.

7. We’re all floating in space on a round rock.

8. It doesn’t matter how far or how different we are, your place in my heart will always be special.

9. Let your smile bring smiles on other people’s faces.

10. And then

We never talked again.

11. Every tombstone holds a story

12. As we grow older

Our worries become bigger

13. Your eyes are stars,

And I am a stargazer

14. Nature is magical

15. Even when a thousands years pass

My heart would still want you

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