5 a.m. Thoughts

* Here is a YouTube video I made about my books.

Poetry has always been the easiest form of writing to me. I can express myself freely when I write it. But for some reason I had never thought of publishing a poetry book, I always thought to publish a novel. Until I saw a writer on Instagram whom I’ve been following for years had published his first poetry book. When I saw that, I liked the idea and this changed my mind, therefore I decided to work on my first poetry book, 5 a.m. Thoughts.

5 a.m. Thoughts

“5 a.m. Thoughts” is a collection of poetry and quotes written from my point of view in life. It is about different topics and contains various emotions.

Check it out on Goodreads and you can also leave your thoughts there 🙂

It is available on Amazon and at many bookstores in different cities in my country. Due to the request of some of my readers, I started working on translating “5 a.m. Thoughts” to Kurdish (my first language). After a few months, the Kurdish version was also available. The Kurdish version contains both Kurdish and English.

“5 a.m. Thoughts” Kurdish Version

Pages From the Kurdish Version of “5 a.m. Thoughts”

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