She loved having all of her lights off when sleeping, but she also liked to have her curtains open so that the lights from outside would reach her. The far away faded lights that reached her this way felt like something magical. It wasn’t too light to see everything in detail, just enough to see... Continue Reading →

The World as We Know it

Words have always been my safe haven. From an early age I have found what my soul needed to escape the miseries that are around us. If it wasn’t for words, I don’t know how I would’ve survived my thoughts all those years. When writing, the world stops spinning and I’m in that perfect place.... Continue Reading →

My Suicide Note

Dear family, People think it’s funny to make fun of you. For some weird reason, it entertains them to laugh at others’ differences. Especially the kids in my school. If I was born with genes that made me a tall girl, how is that under my control? If I have curly hair that is as messy... Continue Reading →

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