My Quotes

1. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 2. Sometimes we don't heal completely, and that's okay. 3. Mi alma te necesita. 4. I'll keep this poem short Because some things Aren't meant to be talked about. 5. My brain overthinks things it shouldn't think over. 6. And suddenly all my love poems... Continue Reading →

If I’m Being Honest – A Poem

If I'm being honest I don't feel okay. I feel like there's a clutch  Around my heart, So tight that I can barely breathe. I attempt to cry To unburden my soul With all the gloominess I sense, Only to shed a few forced tears. This doesn't help, It doesn't feel better. The grip is... Continue Reading →

And I Loved Myself – A Poem

And suddenly I fell in love. Not with others, But with myself. I learned to love me And the parts of me That I didn’t like. Early on, I knew that I was my only home. If I couldn’t love me properly I wouldn’t have found peace within. I knew that, Everyday would be a... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Friend

Life is a bunch of events coming one after another. These events become our daily lives and our memories. Not every day in life is about pure joy and happiness. Some days it feels like life is slapping us in the face and on other days life is all about good vibes. And that’s completely... Continue Reading →

Celebrating My Emotions

There used to be times when I wished that I were a robot  without emotions and lived my life without being affected by anything. Without feeling sadness, happiness, or whatever else we humans have. But now, I wear my emotions like they are the fanciest dresses and I don’t hide them. Some days they take... Continue Reading →

Found and Lost – A Poem

And then I met him. One of a kind. A charming being  With a melancholic soul. Lost in museums Enjoying the paintings.  Walking in parks Surrounded by trees. He'd observe the world In a poetic way. Most of the time Occupied with his thoughts And dreams. His passion Reflected in his words.  He didn't know... Continue Reading →

Hello 28!

This is a love letter for myself. May it help you to love yourself. But first things first, Happy Birthday to Me and hello 28. It’s crazy to think that I have turned around the sun 28 times. Thank you earth for taking us on this journey in space. I’m grateful to have met so... Continue Reading →

The Earthquake Time

* Disclaimer: The featured image isn't from the recent earthquakes. Early hours on Monday, Feb 6th, 2023, I was awakened with the sound of my bedroom door. At first I thought that it was Gato (our cat) who was trying to open the door so I ignored the noise. Then I felt my bed shaking... Continue Reading →

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