Toxic Battles – A Poem

People lie.

They will lie to you.

Their words is something,

And their actions is something else.

They tell you that they care,

And that they are sorry,

But they don’t mean it.

And that hurts.

You’ll get hurt.

Your mind will start running wild

To the darkest spots of your brain.

You will think negatively,

You’ll think that this is your fault.

You blame yourself for their actions

For their hurtful behavior.

You’ll feel lonely

And that’ll make you insecure.

These actions will let you detach yourself

From everything around you,

Because you think you’re the toxic one.

And this happens over and over.

From caring, you’ll switch to hating.

Hating them

Hating yourself

Then hating them more

And then hating yourself again

For allowing them to mistreat you.

And then after all these battles,

Peace will arrive.

You will land on the shore of calmness.

At this point, you’ll realize

It wasn’t you,

It was them.

You weren’t toxic,

They had problems.

And that’s when no feelings remain

No hate, no love, no caring


You start to not care about them

And that’s when you’re unstoppable,

You become dangerous.

Because, my dear, you’ll be at peace

Not only with yourself,

But with them, too.

That’s the point where you don’t care

About whatever they do.

Their presence is equal to their absence.

I hope you get there safe

It’s a long journey

But you can and will do it.

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