My Poetry Books

Hello everyone! In this blog post I’m going to talk about my paper babies, aka, my books. I’m going to talk a little bit about my writing journey and how my poetry books came to be.

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I had been writing for almost ten years before I decided to share my writings with the world. At the time, only my very close friends knew that I was writing. In march 2016 I decided to write a novel and a few months after that I told my mom about it. Her advice  for me was to have some presence on social media before having a book out so that at least some people knew about me. This idea played in my head for some time and I wasn’t quite ready to share my writings with the public. I just didn’t feel like it. Finally in May 2017 I felt it was the right time and I created my poetry page on Instagram.

At first, my plan was to write a novel and have it ready by my birthday in 2018, but when I knew I didn’t have enough time to finish this task, I stopped working on it and left on chapter five. And the idea of  publishing a poetry book was growing in my head. So, it was settled and I had decided to get back to the novel after the poetry book was done.  Unfortunately, I never finished writing the novel. I just didn’t feel the same about it after writing my first poetry book.

And that is how my first book, 5 a.m. Thoughts, came to be. It is a collection of poetry and quotes. I had never planned to publish a poetry book. A writer whom I was following back then had published a poetry book and this was what gave me the idea to work on a poetry book. The poems in this book talk about different topics in my point of view. With this book, you get to see a little bit of what’s going on in my mind and my thoughts when I was younger. The title of this book is named after one of the poems in the book. 

My first book, 5 a.m. Thoughts

A few months later, I started working on translating it to my first language, Kurdish. Some of my family and friends advised me to have both languages in the same book and that’s what I did.

Kurdish version of “5 a.m. Thoughts”

As for “A Jar of Memories”, my second book, it wasn’t supposed to be out any time soon. I had other things on my mind and was planning to learn more in life and share more experiences in my upcoming book, but life doesn’t go as planned. When other plans didn’t work out and I realized I had enough poems for another book, it was destined for “A Jar of Memories” to come to life.

My second book, A Jar of Memories

It’s also a collection of poetry and quotes. But in this one, I have added short stories and micro-fiction stories. I wanted it to be a little different from my first book.

The idea to give this title to my second book came from my first poetry account. I remember when I published “5 a.m. Thoughts”, many people asked me why I hadn’t named it “A Jar of Memories” and my response was “Second book can be this title.”

If you want to know where my books are available, you can check out my website and Instagram. And when you read it and want to say something about it, you can leave your thoughts on Goodreads or just rate it.

If you want to reach out and send me pictures of either of the books, feel free to do so. I’m always happy to hear from my readers. The links and usernames for my social channels are available at the end of this post.

Instagram: dlvanzirak, Facebook: Dlvan Zirak, YouTube: Dlvan Zirak, Goodreads: Dlvan Zirak, Twitter: dlvan_zirak

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