My Journey with Harry Potter

Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead! Potterhead means someone who’s a big Harry Potter fan. Those who know me, whether it’s in person or following up with my pages, know that I love everything that is related to Harry Potter. Many people when asked what reminds them of me or how to describe me with... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block – A Poem

I feel so empty, As if I'm drained from every emotion. As if no expressions Or words exist in me. I try to catch something here And something there But to no avail. This makes me worry About not being able To construct another poem Ever again. To put all these beautiful words Next to... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Mubarak!

What Is Ramadan? Ramadan (Ramadhan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Hijri). It’s considered one of the holiest months for Muslims. In this month we fast from dawn until sunset, which means no eating or drinking during daytime. Another reason why it is such a holy month it’s because Quran, Muslim’s holy book,... Continue Reading →

Happy Newroz!

Disclaimer First of all, I want to say that many nations celebrate Newroz. In this blog post, I will talk about what Newroz is, why, when, and how Kurdish people celebrate it. I hope you enjoy reading this post and find it informative. What Is Newroz? Newroz (Nawroz) is Kurdish new year. We celebrate the... Continue Reading →

Social Media – A Poem

As good as they are They also have toxic effects They have made us Feel insecure about ourselves They only show us half of the picture It's like showing us the rainbow But only half the colors They show us beautiful models Without showing their struggles They show us successful people Without showing how hard... Continue Reading →

Misunderstood – A Poem

I feel like I am Misunderstood By my own people. I speak their language But my thoughts are different. They look at me and judge me Asking me meaningless questions About my personal life and choices. They think that I am miserable Because I am not like the rest. I have long given up On... Continue Reading →

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