Be Your Own Friend

Life is a bunch of events coming one after another. These events become our daily lives and our memories. Not every day in life is about pure joy and happiness. Some days it feels like life is slapping us in the face and on other days life is all about good vibes. And that’s completely fine. It’s important for us to remember that nothing lasts forever and tell ourselves, “This too shall pass.”

When we feel down, whether because of something or when there is absolutely no reason behind it, it’s important to know that we won’t stay in that state permanently. Oftentimes we want to talk to someone about it or go out with a friend to distract us from how we are feeling. While it’s great to talk with someone who understands us and makes us feel less bothered, I also find it important that we can be that friend for ourselves and to know how to make ourselves feel better on our own. Especially when we don’t feel like talking to anyone or when we feel like we’re being too much. So below I will share some tips on the things I like to do when I don’t want to interact with others.

First, I like to give myself time to feel what is inside. Then to think whether it’s something I can fix or just my emotions playing tricks on me. If it’s something fixable, I try to find solutions. And if it’s not, well I proceed to do something else.

One of the things I enjoy is listening to the Quran recitation. It puts me at ease. I also like to light a candle and read a few pages of the Quran. If you’re not Muslim, and/or don’t practice any religion, I suggest you meditate or something that you find peaceful.

There are times when the feeling is too much, I head to writing. This works like magic for me. Because when I write, it’s my thing. Just me. You can do that too. Just because you’re not a writer doesn’t mean you can’t write. You can journal in a nice notebook or type on your phone about however you are feeling, or why you’re feeling like this.

Another thing my friend suggested is that when you feel good, write these down, and read them when you feel really bad. Let your past self remind your present self of the good things you do, the beautiful things you have, the dreams you’re working on, etc. You can even write your favorite quotes and read them on days when you don’t feel like leaving your bed. Remind yourself how brave you are. Tell yourself that it’s okay not to feel okay.

Sometimes we don’t feel like journaling or to read what our past selves written for us, so watch your favorite movies/series or read your favorite books to help you escape your emotions for some time. Or take a nap to stay away from everything. Or do it both, watch/read something and then take a nap. Your life, your choice.

Remember that it’s okay not to feel okay. And what’s even more okay is that you can take some time to be just on your own to heal and to feel better from whatever life is throwing at you. And don’t forget, this too shall pass.

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