A Poetic Story – A Poem

It was meant to be short and sweet
Not to last that while

We had to finish in September
When things felt different

But I couldn’t let go
And you didn’t stop me

Because parts of you
Wanted to stick around too

Then fall came
And I told you that I loved it

More memories were made
And things escalated to be more serious

Arguments and disagreements
Started popping up

But somehow
I tried to see the bright side

This worked well
Until that time

When there was a big gap
That time, I thought differently

Didn’t want to see the bright side
Apparently, neither did you

Yet none of us talked about it
Until you quietly left

You have this habit of
Not wanting to talk about things

I am the complete opposite
I need to clarify everything

I asked you why
Somehow you gave me an answer

Frankly, I’d thought about it
That’s why I agreed it was for the best

I’d lie to say after that
I never thought of you

I did, I wondered how things were with you
According to you, you’d thought of me, too

Because one day
Out of the blue

You decided to reconnect
I liked it, yet I didn’t want you back

After days and days
I agreed to be just friends

You were okay with it
At least that’s what you claimed

Things started to get out of hand
We were close to fall back into past

I reminded you of your reasons
The ones I’d agreed to

The reasons why you’d left
The logical ones

For a while
Things were confusing

And for a while we were total strangers
Having each other’s contact info

Then everything became okay
And confusing again

And then okay once again
And yet, there are many ups and downs to come

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