Trapped, Short Sci-fi Story

Early spring when the weather changes is my favorite time of the year, the smell of new plants and sunlight on my skin are the greatest  sensations I know. When I close my eyes, relax, and let nature take me in is when I feel most at peace. 

I was so excited that spring was finally here that I decided to have my lunch break outdoors. It was Tuesday, so Mom had made me a chicken sandwich. She had a regular schedule of dishes to prepare for me. While I was eating, my friend called to tell me that he was at the hospital because his sister was having a baby. When I hung up, a black cat came by and I gave it some of my food. 

Moments after lunch, I walked back into the school to return to class. The floor of the hallway had red drops on it. Rumor had it someone had fallen and may have ended up with a nasty open fracture. I felt my stomach heave and ran to the bathroom to puke.

After another boring  afternoon at school I took the bus, and sat next to the girl that I usually sit with. She was listening to “ME!” by Taylor Swift. I could hear the song through her earphones. I arrived home tired from all these classes. There was only one thing that I was excited about that day. My favorite video game had a special competition and was offering us new weapons and a free pass for one whole year for the top three players. I was looking forward to it, and did my homework quickly so as to be done by nightfall. After dinner, it was showtime!

I couldn’t wait to be home and play some video games. I was happy by then, having realized that I could play my game and not make the mistakes I had made the day before. I actually got excited, as I could win the new weapons and the free pass. I rushed to my room and opened my laptop, but what I saw was unexpected. There were no games installed on my laptop, nor any online games registered to me! I rushed to my mom, “Hey Mom, has anyone used my laptop?” I asked her breathlessly.

“No one has even been to your room. Is everything okay?”

“Well, no! My desktop background was changed, all of my games are gone, even my search history is different. Someone must have done something.”

To read the full story, it’s available in my second book, A Jar of Memories.

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