Societal Pressure – A Poem

Am I being brainwashed?

Are they getting under my skin?

Poisoning my thoughts

With what they’ve lived by for years?

It is like

The things I thought were important

No longer mean anything

The dreams that I once dreamed

Are fading away

The life I envisioned

Doesn’t seem like what I want now

It’s like I’m losing myself

In the expectations of society

Making me feel that

What I love to do

Is not right

That I shouldn’t be doing it

Or wanting it

And it makes me feel worse

But this is not what my heart tells me

My heart tells me to stay strong

To fight and not to give up

And the things I desire can become reality

Then I ask my heart,

“How can I keep on fighting,

When it’s not what the majority tells me?”

They tell me, “It is pointless to work hard”

They ask me, “Why do you even do that?”

They tell me not to have my own dreams

And that I should give up on everything I love

Heart, I don’t get it!

I don’t know what to do!

I’m filled with these feelings that I can’t name

I’m too confused

Torn between what I want

And what they tell me is right

But isn’t it supposed to be my life

Aren’t I the one who should decide?

When will they leave me alone?

When will they let me rest?

It is my life, whether I make it or break it

I’m not ruining anyone else’s life

I will only ruin mine

Heart, tell me what to do please!

Because I’m so damn lost right now!

Click here to hear me reading this poem.

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