What Perfection Feels Like – A Poem

Click here for the audio version of this poem.

Here I am,
Sitting next to you.
Listening to the waves
Crashing on the beach.
I tilt my head
And rest it on your shoulder.
We both sit quietly,
Gazing at the horizon.
Breathing steadily.
You put your arms around me,
And I feel utter peace.
I close my eyes
And smell the scent of you.
After a long silence,
You tell me,
“I told you you’d fall in love here,”
With your breathtaking accent.
I start hearing the beatings
Of my heart.
My butterflies start to
Flutter their wings.
It just feels so right.
I smile, and say,
“You weren’t wrong.”
We stay there a little longer,
Still in silence.
But it feels completely normal,
As if our souls are communicating.
The wind becomes a little stronger,
When the sun vanishes into the unknown.
The weather becomes cooler
And you pull me closer.
At this moment,
I can swear that this is perfection.
No other feeling can be right
After this one.

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