Disconnected – A Poem

There are a few things

That I’ve started to hate.

I hate the fact that

Communication has become so easy.

That the Internet has given us

The power to travel from our own homes.

That you can meet people

Who are thousands of miles away.

People that you may

Never be in their presence.

It sucks that you can talk to them

At all times during the day.

But there’s a huge distance

That is impossible to reduce.

It sucks that they make you

Happy and sad despite the distance.

You don’t know how their vibe is,

How the hold of their hands feels.

And if you meet, 

It’s not likely to happen often. 

But the weirdest part is

When you don’t talk to them,

You feel like there is

Something missing.

Like there’s a void

And nothing can fill that.

You feel the absence

They make in your life,

Although you have never

Been in their presence.

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