Telling You – A Poem

I want to write you a poem, 

A poem like nothing I’ve ever written, 

A poem that contains everything.

But I can’t put everything in one poem.

I can’t even open up to you like that.

And yet I wanna say everything to you.

I wanna tell you about my day,

About my dreams,

My goals,

And life.

I want you to be my human diary,

And I want to be your human diary.

I want you to tell me about your life,

About your goals,

Your dreams,

And day.

But we both know that

It’s not gonna happen.

There is that space between us.

And maybe, just maybe

It’s for the best.

Or probably I am wrong

And it’s not for the best

Because it doesn’t feel like the best

But, c’est la vie (this is life) 

Et la vie n’est pas juste (and life is not fair)

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