Pain from Friendship

I am starting to let go
Of people whom I cared about.
Friends whom I thought
Would be with me
Through thick and thin.
I no longer miss those people
Whom I used to spend everyday with.
I used to think that
These back then friends
Would always be my friends
And that they would never hurt me.
But jokes on me
Because people closest to us
Are those who have the ability
To hurt us the most.
I have started to stop giving them
Second chances
People whom I once upon a time
Called Best Friends!
Once you get hurt
Over and over again
By those closest to you,
You start to lock yourself up
In the darkest parts of your brain.
You start to distance yourself
From everyone around.
Your encounters with people
Will be as shallow as a pan,
Because you are afraid
Of letting someone else in
Someone who can hurt you even more.
Because why wouldn’t they,
If your own friends do?
Friends can make scars on your heart
And shatter you to pieces.
That is the sad truth
That we don’t talk about.
And once the mistrust happens,
Loneliness starts.
At some point self-blame will occur
And that darkest part of your brain
Will create the ugliest demons
You have ever heard of.
Their actions will change you
Into someone you never thought
You’d be turned into.

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