Fight for What You Believe in

What you see is
A wide smile on her face
What you see is
Someone who got things done
Someone who has it all.
You may wonder
What more she could want.
Isn’t it what we all want,
A dream job
And a good degree?

What you don’t see is
A desire that she carries in her heart
All she wants is to move forward
She has a head full of dreams
And a heart full of adventures

You may think that
She gets it all easily
That no hardships
Or obstacles get in her way
And that the road is
As smooth as silk for her
And everything is a snap of the fingers away

Despite her wide smile
She cries
Until her chest hurts
Until she can’t breathe
But still she fights for what she wants
She doesn’t always get it
But that doesn’t stop her from trying

She tries to explain why it matters
To a society that is blind
To a society that doesn’t believe in dreams
She tries to explain to them
That she understands her culture
But there are far more important things
Than letting your society judge you

But is it always easy?
Of course not.

This is a poem from my second book, A Jar of Memories. Happy reading!

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