My Homie

He’s the type of friend
Who seems like he doesn’t care,
Because he can mess up
Quite easily.
But he’ll do all he can
To make things right.
He’ll go out of his way
And leave his comfort zone
Just to make sure that
He shows that he’s really sorry. 
He learns new things 
And accepts your weird habits
Just for the sake of the friendship. 
Sometimes he drives you crazy,
And other times makes you cry
But at the end of the day 
He’s there for you. 
He sucks at talking 
Because he’s basically a robot.
But for you, 
He learns how to communicate. 
When you’re upset, 
He says random shit
Just to make you feel better
And when you’re in a bad place 
He tells you exactly
What you need to hear. 
He makes you feel safe
And you can talk about everything with him.
He’s the type of guy 
Whom you want as a friend.

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