Writer’s Block – A Poem

I feel so empty,

As if I’m drained from every emotion.

As if no expressions

Or words exist in me.

I try to catch something here

And something there

But to no avail.

This makes me worry

About not being able

To construct another poem

Ever again.

To put all these beautiful words

Next to one another

And give them a beautiful flow.

What if I could never

Find the right words

For the right emotions

And put them in the right order?

What if my emptiness

Decides to last forever?

What if I never get to feel

The explosion of words?

Is that even possible?

To be drained for good?

I thought the more I wrote

The easier it would be,

Not to be struggling

For weeks on end.

If God forbid

This did last forever

Will I still be a poet?

Because not being one

Would be devastating.

That’s what I’m supposed to be good at

Not to suffer from.

Or maybe

I should give myself time.

Let myself recharge

And go with the flow

Then hopefully my emptiness

Will turn into inspiration.

A poem I wrote about writer’s block a while back and posting it now because I’m facing the worst block ever. I haven’t written a poem since February.

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