Writing Related Anniversary!

May 12th is a day that means a lot to me. Five years ago in 2017, like this day, I took a step that was very scary to me. For the first time, I shared my poetry with you all, put my babies on the Internet. It had been a while since I’d thought about sharing my writings, but I was worried and a little bit scared about the reaction I would get. I was thinking what if people judged me, what if others stole my poems, what would my close family and friends think about me? Because I had been writing for almost 10 years and only a few people close to me were aware of my writing. Then I created my first page, a.jar.of.memories, and I received so much love and support ever since. (Now I’m more active on dlvanzirak Instagram account due to some technical issues I’d faced a few years ago.) Even though I wasn’t sure what would happen after creating a page and sharing my poems, that didn’t stop me from doing what I love. Yes, I had my doubts back then, but my mom suggested the idea of creating a page. I’m so glad I did this and forever grateful for her suggestion and belief. Less than a year after that, I published my first poetry book (5 a.m. Thoughts). The love and support I received from my readers, with the kind messages and comments, and their belief in me are what helped me continue sharing my words with the world. The readers I have reached over the years have been an important part of my journey. Thank you for reading my words. I appreciate your existence and I love you all ❤️.

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