Strangers Now – A Poem

You are a stranger to me.

A stranger whom I used to talk to,

Whom I used to know about his day.

I knew what was happening in your life

And how you were feeling.

We made uncountable memories,

Had a few fights,

And laughed a lot.

These things happened

Once upon a time,

And they no longer exist.

I don’t know if you and I

Will talk to each other

If we meet on the streets.

Maybe we’ll have a brief glance

Then continue walking

As if we’re strangers

To one another.

As if you and I

Never talked before

And don’t know each others’ names.

As if one day

You and I didn’t share special moments.

Now you and I are strangers.

I like reading through comments and find interesting ones, especially YouTube and Reddit comments. And so this poem is inspired by one of the comments I saw on YouTube, as you can see in the screenshot.

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