How I Became a Poet

I read short lines

That I added extra lines to. 

I read some other lines

That I changed the words of.

I carried my pencil

And wrote down these replies

These changes

To the short lines that I read.

I saw, I felt, I observed,

I cried, I laughed, and I wrote.

I carried my pencil

And wrote about

All that touched my soul.

I wrote without knowing

Where the words came from.

Without realizing that I,

One person,

Could feel so many emotions.

That I was carrying all these

Thoughts and feelings in me.

I wrote and let the words

Flow like a river

Without knowing how or why

I wrote them down.

And the more I wrote, 

The more skilled I became. 

Then suddenly I realized

That when I was forming

These sentences,

I was actually writing poetry.

Deep inside,

There was a poet in me

That I didn’t know existed

Until I constructed all those lines.

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