The Cold Months

There is something about the cold that captivates me. I like the way my fingers absorb that icy feeling, only for me to let them get warm from the mug of my hot chocolate. There is this freshness in the cool air that I breathe in during those chilly months, and the way I can see my breath seems magical.

Winter is the season that I find tranquility in. I like to have my socks on and snuggle in my blanket. I enjoy eating hot creamy soup while nature is pouring water on us from the sky, with loud sounds and beautiful lights. Winter has this coziness in the atmosphere that I haven’t found in other seasons. As if the blankets and baggy hoodies are hugging me. As if it’s their life mission to keep us warm.

Even watching movies and reading books have a different flavor when the temperature is dropping. I love the long nights those few cold months provide. And I enjoy the days when the sky is clear and blue and I stand under the sunlight, letting it embrace me as if time itself has stopped. Although winter is cold, I still enjoy having ice-cream from time to time. After all, maybe I am an ice lady. I can go on and on about winter, to romanticize every minute of it and that still wouldn’t be enough. But I will stop here.

Happy cold months.

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