Always Been You

Outside it was pouring rain. You could hear it hitting every surface. The trees seemed as if they were going crazy. Sheen was sitting on the sofa facing Jill, who was sitting on a chair on the opposite side. Jill’s eyes were filled with tears, and Sheen’s face showed sadness. Jill broke the silence that had fallen between them by clearing her throat and then she spoke. At first the voice barely left her mouth, she raised her voice and repeated, “Why me? There are so many girls out there who suit you more.”

Sheen raised his head until his eyes met her gaze. He thought to himself, she’s pretty even when she’s crying. But I wish she wasn’t. “You are the one I feel comfortable talking to. You make me happy, and I enjoy your company. There are more reasons why I have feelings for you, of course. And I know how you’re feeling, too.”

Sheen wasn’t wrong, he could see Jill’s feelings for him as clear as the sky on a sunny day. The feelings were radiating from her.

The tears started rolling down Jill’s eyes. “You aren’t wrong. But you know we can’t be more than friends no matter how much we want that.”

Sheen sighed, “Oh Jill, You’ve always been more than a friend.” After saying that, his heart broke a little more. So did hers.

Jill wanted to lighten the mood and said, “We could’ve gotten ice-cream if it wasn’t raining. It makes people less sad.”

“In this situation, even ice-cream can’t help. But it’s good you’re here, even if it’s the last time we’re seeing each other.”

P. S. Sheen means “blue” in Kurdish language (my mother tongue).

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