It’s New Year, Again.

At the beginning of every year, most people make lists on how to make changes in their lives and how they plan to be better versions of themselves. Some research shows that around 60% - 90% of people abandon their New Year’s resolution by February. While wanting to make positive changes in our lives and... Continue Reading →

Sweet Melancholy

If you like reading poems, here's a poem about melancholy. And enjoy this post. Sometimes there is that sudden melancholy that washes over me. It could happen when I’m dancing to the rhythms of my favorite songs or it shows up when I’m laughing so hard that the muscles of my face ache. I don’t know... Continue Reading →


She loved having all of her lights off when sleeping, but she also liked to have her curtains open so that the lights from outside would reach her. The far away faded lights that reached her this way felt like something magical. It wasn’t too light to see everything in detail, just enough to see... Continue Reading →

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