It’s New Year, Again.

At the beginning of every year, most people make lists on how to make changes in their lives and how they plan to be better versions of themselves. Some research shows that around 60% – 90% of people abandon their New Year’s resolution by February. While wanting to make positive changes in our lives and working on ourselves are very good things. However, making an endless list will be overwhelming and it won’t be possible to do everything on the list, so we’ll feel discouraged and won’t do much, and eventually give up the list. 

You can make changes in your life anytime of the year. Just because the numbers on the calendar change, doesn’t mean you have to magically change everything right away. But I understand that sometimes some bigger changes require some motivation. And if you want to make New Year’s resolutions, make them doable. Break down the things you want to do in the months. Instead of wanting to do everything together in January, do them throughout the whole year. Prioritize the ones you want to do early on, and slowly slowly they will become part of your routine and then you can do other things.

I never stress myself out with New Year New Me BS. I know what I want to do and which one to prioritize. For example, it’d been a while that I’d been meaning to lose a few kilos, but I didn’t plan to do it on January first. Some time in the summer, I decided to have a healthier lifestyle, not only for losing weight, but because I want to do better for my body. That’s one of the few things that I wanted to do. And now that it’s become a routine, I can implement new changes. I’ve already made the list of the things I want to do in 2023. And slowly slowly without confusing and tiring myself, I will work on them.

I believe that we are all work in progress. I always want to improve myself and to be a better version than I was before. So there shouldn’t be a certain time for us to change, we can do it whenever we feel it’s the right time. Don’t wait until January first to be a new you. You can do it anytime.

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