Pumpkin Recipes for October

Ever since I was a little girl, I liked pumpkin a lot. So this year, for the sake of the season, I tried out some new pumpkin recipes. Not to mention that pumpkin has a lot of health benefits, rich with different vitamins and minerals. Among those recipes, there were some I liked and some... Continue Reading →

7 Days, 7 Breakfasts

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, but because of work, I don’t always have the time to have a breakfast that I could enjoy. I usually grab a quick bite and head to work. So I try to make the best out of the free time I get during holidays and weekends and prepare... Continue Reading →

Survival – A Flash Fiction

“Then… how did you survive?” my alien colleague asked me. “Well Mr. Alien, I’m glad you asked.” What I am writing here is how I exactly told the alien the way I survived. It all started when I woke up that morning at six o’clock sharp. There was a bloody extraordinary pain in my gut... Continue Reading →

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