7 Days, 7 Breakfasts

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, but because of work, I don’t always have the time to have a breakfast that I could enjoy. I usually grab a quick bite and head to work. So I try to make the best out of the free time I get during holidays and weekends and prepare the foods that I like. And I have decided to share seven breakfast ideas that you may also enjoy, or maybe could help when you’re not sure of what to prepare. And as Francophones would say, bonne apatite 😉.

The two first breakfast ideas are what we, Kurds, normally have for breakfast. It is not always the same order, you can mix it up, you can have tomatoes with boiled eggs, you can have yogurt, whatever you like. And we like to have tea with breakfast.

Breakfast Number One
Breakfast Number Two

The next one on my list is breakfast quesadilla. I used eggs and tomato with tortilla for this recipe and kept it a bit simple. I usually add cheese to it but this time I forgot 😅.

Breakfast Number Three

For breakfast number four, I have three beautiful pieces of toast with egg and avocado. I personally like the bright colors and the vibe this dish has.

Breakfast Number Four

Speaking of toast, my next dish also contains it. The toppings are  fried mushroom, onion, a bit of garlic, cheese, and a sprinkle of cilantro. Yum indeed.

Breakfast Number Five

Who doesn’t like a good pancake to start their mornings with and to keep them full for a longer period of time. If you like, you can add melted chocolate or chocolate chips to your pancake mix to give it a different flavor. 

Breakfast Number Six

Let’s keep the next one simple. No actual cooking is required when you make a beautiful banana smoothie bowl for breakfast. Decorate it however you want to with your favorite toppings. It’s beautiful and the looks of it give all the positive energy to start your day. Enjoy!

Breakfast Number Seven

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