Lives of Youth Around the World 4

Two different poeple, two different places, but the same age and sharing the same passion for writing. Enjoy reading their stories.

1: Manoranjan Raj, 23, Indian

I want to be a storyteller and subsequently want to become a director. As of now, published my debut novel titled ‘INNER VOICE OF INDIA’. My motivation for writing is Chethan Bhagat. New authors would find it difficult to get publish their new book and no traditional publishers will come forward for new aspiring authors. Require a larger platform, to get launch as a bidding author in turn which may help to reach masses. I’m residing in Bangalore. The city is hub of many IT firms and you see so many diverse people in walk of life. The atmosphere here is filled with serenity, which is necessary for writers. The pollution in city is high and as you know the cuth is branded as Garbaage city Internationally. Well, we Indians are tolerate on every issues and would do anything for the welfare of nation. We have got a commandable leader has a face of the country, which bring immense fame to the nation. Coming to difficult scenario here is, you have to work hard to lead a high chap lifestyle.

2: Troy Michalski, 23, American (north east region of the country)

Goals I have are to get at least 1 book turned into a movie so I can watch the process as an on-set advisor and write and record a heavy metal album. The goal that I have achieved is meeting a large variety of musical influences. Difficulties I face in daily life are I work overnights and try to balance that job with writing so I combine my outlining and story building exercises while I’m working at night and writing during the day. I also struggle with limiting my video game time to write. Things to help achieve my life goals, careful planning, and expansive research. What I love about my city is that it’s not very populated so it’s easy to go on hikes in the mountains/forests alone also the beautiful scenery is pretty tranquil in spots. What I don’t like about my city is the heroin problem I’m all for people experimenting with different substances but that’s one I have a problem with in particular because if the overdose rate. My community is a poor community overall with a few hidden gems finding standard work is limited and few new people move in most move out this makes the areas social scene pretty desolat.

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