Monsters Live Within Us – A Poem

I never believed that monsters existed

How could I? If I had never seen them

But, little did I know

Little did I feel

They live within us

Buried deep down

Like sleeper cells

They need something or someone to trigger them

A heartbreak or the loss of a loved one or a big trauma

When they wake up

It can change people

Make us do things we never thought of doing

Make us overthink every small action we’ve taken in our lives

Monsters come in different shapes

Wearing different faces

They take the form of depression

Of anxiety

Of antisocial tendencies

As hypersensitivity and a tendency to overthink

Be kind to those who act differently

You don’t know the shape or size of the monster inside them

The monster that keeps them awake at night

The monster that makes them fall apart inside

– Monsters live within us

By: Dlvan Zirak

If you enjoyed reading this poem, check out my poetry page on Instagram , for reading more.

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