Lives of Youth Around the World 5

Significant age difference, from two different and far parts of the world, comes the story of a Greek guy and an American young lady. Enjoy reading!

1: 28, Greek (a Greek guy)
My dreams are: write a book, travel the world, getting married, leave Greece. I’m close to finish my book. The others are work in progress for next year. My motivation is a better and happy life in the future. Difficulties in daily life are small salary and expenses. I get paid $500 a month only. I try and set aside but it’s hard. Other difficulties are only time if they want younger employees. I believe money makes almost everything easier, although it’s not my top priority or way of life. Or purpose of life. Also a great support of family and friends gets your motivation up and I have a caring girlfriend. What I like about my country is only our ancient history. The old town under the Acropolis. And what I don’t like about my country is people. The rest of Athens, dirt and misery. I would like to change people’s point of view. They don’t care about the state we are in with the crisis. Anyway, with the crisis, most employers got the chance to use the economic crisis to hire cheap personnel. So many people work so many hours for little payment. The system is so deep corrupt that the Greek people don’t care anymore. My life is okay. Thank God I have a house, food, and most necessities to live a decent life. But with low salary you can’t make dreams or start a family. It’s impossible. We just live. No hope or goals for the future. I know many countries are in this state.

2: Abigail Mckinnnon, 12, American

My dreams and goals in life are to become a doctor and get better at art. My motivation is my teacher which inspires me to become someone I want to be. I have a difficulty with not being old enough to know better in a lot of ways, I am naive and can’t think right no matter what. Achieving my goals would be easier if I were to be a tad older and had more brain than I do in math. If I could improve my knowledge in math achieving my goals could be so much easier. I like that I live in a small city that has a lot of beautiful wildlife. The only thing I don’t like about my city is how many rumors are going around about everyone in the city. They make life easier but harder in a sense and they are both nice and rude.

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