Misunderstood – A Poem

I feel like I am Misunderstood By my own people. I speak their language But my thoughts are different. They look at me and judge me Asking me meaningless questions About my personal life and choices. They think that I am miserable Because I am not like the rest. I have long given up On... Continue Reading →

Dreamy Verse

I would like to think thatThe dreams we haveAre realitiesFrom other universes,Of other versionsOf ourselves.In universesWhere you and I Have each other, Where you and IAre talking and laughing.In universesWhere our fateHas taken usTo a different pathA path that has brought us together. * And here is a simple drawing I did that goes with the poem... Continue Reading →

Fight for What You Believe in

What you see isA wide smile on her faceWhat you see isSomeone who got things doneSomeone who has it all.You may wonderWhat more she could want.Isn't it what we all want,A dream jobAnd a good degree? What you don't see isA desire that she carries in her heartAll she wants is to move forwardShe has... Continue Reading →

Trapped, Short Sci-fi Story

Early spring when the weather changes is my favorite time of the year, the smell of new plants and sunlight on my skin are the greatest  sensations I know. When I close my eyes, relax, and let nature take me in is when I feel most at peace.  I was so excited that spring was... Continue Reading →

Lives of Youth Around the World 8

Enjoy reading the two last stories! I hope reading these stories is beneficial for you all. To open up your eyes and give you something to think about. 1: 20, Moroccan My dream and hope are that one day I will have what it takes to fully expand artistically, to finish my writings, and get better... Continue Reading →

Stop Dreaming! Start Working!

Have you ever wondered how would it be like if you had lived in another country or city? Have you ever wished to leave your current place and go to live in another city? Or to think that if you had lived in another city or country that your life would be easier? That all... Continue Reading →

Lives of Youth Around the World 7

Bringing the life from two different points of view, gave me a lot to think about. 1: 22, from the United States My ambition WAS to be a novelist. Now that I am one, I want to be a best-selling novelist. I want to ghostwrite for high profiling people, travel write and be an internet entrepreneur,... Continue Reading →

Lives of Youth Around the World 6

Bringing the stories from two different parts of Asia, from two young souls. Enjoy reading! 1: 24, Kurdish Iraqi I had a lot of dreams and goals in early years of my life. My first dream was to become an artist, I loved drawing and painting, and I had the talent in me. My second... Continue Reading →

Lives of Youth Around the World 5

Significant age difference, from two different and far parts of the world, comes the story of a Greek guy and an American young lady. Enjoy reading! 1: 28, Greek (a Greek guy) My dreams are: write a book, travel the world, getting married, leave Greece. I’m close to finish my book. The others are work... Continue Reading →

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