She loved having all of her lights off when sleeping, but she also liked to have her curtains open so that the lights from outside would reach her. The far away faded lights that reached her this way felt like something magical. It wasn’t too light to see everything in detail, just enough to see everything like a shadow. Some mornings she would make coffee and sit by her big windows and enjoy the quietness while watching the world from the top. They were these small things that brought happiness to her soul. Mornings with coffee, faded light on her face while sleeping. Other people didn’t understand her, they couldn’t see the world she saw. It was the simplicity that she was looking for in everything, big or small. Some mornings she would wake up really early just to see the sunrise and start her morning with the sound of birds chirping and make a perfect breakfast. But that wasn’t always the case, it was one of her habits to stay asleep up to midday, then for lunch, trying a new recipe, a new culture’s food. She believed that one could learn a lot about a nation by their food. She also liked to take walks every now and then, to see things closely, to look at them from angles no one would. To take these pictures and to get back to them later. Pictures of total strangers. People she wouldn’t see again. To her, simplicity and living in the moment were the main ingredients of life.

Photo credit: Canva

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