The Life of an Overthinker – A Poem

I want to write 

Yet I don’t know about what

I feel so much

And variety of emotions

Happiness, helplessness,

Boredom, tiredness

Yet none can be expressed

The way I want to

So many thoughts

Swimming in my head

I don’t wanna think

I want it to stop

It will explode

I want to explode

I want to explode with words

To see them all on paper

How can one person

Handle all these emotions?

How can I breathe easily,

While sinking?

I feel lost

I don’t know what I want

My mind is a prison

That I can’t escape

I wanna run fast and far

But to no particular place

I need to be alone

Yet I wanna talk

All these years on this planet

But finding no one to talk to

I wonder if this battle in my head

Will ever finish

If my thoughts give me a break,

To have some mercy upon me

Then after everything

I ask myself,

“What’s the point of life,

Or living?”

I don’t understand

Why we live,

Why everything happens like this,

Why we should be here.

And that makes me feel tired

Not only emotionally, but physically as well

And that makes me

Want to spend my days laying in bed

Not caring about the world

Or anyone else

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