People Like Me – A Poem

People like me shouldn’t feel

Like how I feel.

People like me have college degrees.

People like me have jobs,

And don’t have a lot of responsibilities.

People like me get to live life as they want.

People like me have their freedom.

People like me shouldn’t go around

And complain.

People like me have a house

And a family that cares about them.

People like me should consider themselves lucky. 

Yet here I am,

Because it’s not about what you have.

But I still don’t know why

People like me feel the way I feel.

If I had known,

It would’ve been easier to deal with or solve. 

People look at people like me and be like,

“These people should be happy;”

“I want what these people have.” 

But beware of what you wish for,

Because people like me aren’t always

As happy as we seem or as we show. 

People like me can’t talk about their problems,

Because if we do,

We’ll sound like spoiled brats,

We’ll look like a**holes

For complaining about our amazing lives.

We don’t seem like people with real issues. 

For people like me,

I know what you’re going through. 

And I’m truly sorry that

You can’t talk about it

Because it doesn’t seem like a real problem.

Or because if you do,

People will think that you are an ungrateful person.

I understand you and remember

You’re not alone.

Unusual of me to use a strong language, but that’s what my emotions led me that time. My apologies for using that one word.

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