The Mysterious Triangle – Part One

I drank a glass of water and then another and then another but I was still thirsty until I suddenly opened my eyes. “Crap,” I told myself with a very dry mouth. I rolled on my bed to the left side until I reached my phone. It was 3:00 in the morning. I hated waking up like this and leaving the bed at those times. But I just couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I went to the kitchen. I turned the light on and headed to the fridge. I opened it and it was somehow empty. I need to go grocery shopping.

I bent down to get a water bottle and that’s when my eyes caught the most beautiful triangle in the history of humanity. Without realizing it, I spent around ten seconds staring at it then I shook my head. I closed the fridge door and started drinking like I hadn’t drank water in weeks. I would take small breaks from time to time so that I enjoy every drop. After I was done drinking, I reopened the fridge door and placed the water bottle back to where it was, next to the container of the gorgeous triangle. I reached out to it but before touching the container, I pulled my hand away and closed the fridge door as fast as I could and walked back to bed.

I lay down and closed my eyes waiting for the sleep to come, but sleep was long gone. And I knew that. I mean you know when your sleep is long gone but you fool yourself into believing that you’ll fall back asleep. “Come on, sleep! Don’t do this to me, please.” But does sleep understand us? Nope. Despite knowing I couldn’t go back to sleep, I stayed in bed with my eyes closed.

I was in a dark alley, confused. I looked around myself and it kind of looked like Diagon Alley (for those who don’t know, it’s an alley from Harry Potter books/movies). Why am I in Diagon Alley? Was the first thought that crossed my mind. My hair strands started moving with the gentle wind. I was still spinning, not sure which direction to go, I heard footsteps from far. I stopped to listen carefully. They slowly grew louder and I noticed they were coming from behind. I turned around and it was getting closer faster. They were running. A shiver went down my spine but before I could do anything someone shouted, “Run!”

What else could I do? I started running with the crowd but couldn’t see anything. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t hit anyone or anything despite the dark. The people were faster than me and in no time I found myself to be alone. Again. No sound left and there were only faint lights far away. Scared I was, I stopped. Trying to figure out what to do. I thought to walk fast to the lights and knock on the doors, maybe someone will let me in or explain what was going on. I was in these thoughts when something clutched my waste. I shouted as loud as I could.

I’m not the type of person who gets scared easily, but that was different. I was alone in the dark and what’s worse? Something grabbed me. All kinds of thoughts swirled in my head until my eyes met the thing. It was a giant triangle! “Why did you ignore me?” it asked.

“What?” my voice was shaking.

“You deserve death for ignoring me!”

“No no! Please don’t! I’d do anything. Please,” I was crying at this point.

“It is too late,” its sound echoing. I closed my eyes to avoid the sound it made.

It threw me towards the sky and I shouted as loud as I could then my eyes were wide opened.

To be continued…

* Here is the link for the second part.

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