Earth Is Crying for Help

We have been abusing the Earth

For longer than we can remember

We keep on taking and taking

Without giving something in return

She has shown us her discomfort

But we’ve ignored all the signs

She cried like a child

In a corner, away from her bully

While we laughed

Not realizing the damages we’ve caused

The pollutants have blurred our visions

We no longer can see clearly

But Earth has had enough!

For Earth is shouting now!

Screaming and burning

Snowing like never snowed before!

Earth is crying for help

But our ears are deaf

Earth is telling us loud and clear

That things are messy

Yet here we are

Causing more damage to her

Earth is bleeding

And we’re dancing on the wounds

Earth is sobbing

Not because she is in pain

But because we, the inhabitants, 

Are ungrateful creatures

Mother nature is emotionally drained

And no leader takes action to fix that

Instead, they let big corporations

Pull out oxygen generators from the ground

They call it construction projects

While destroying our main home 

To make some extra cash

To spend in a future that may not exist

I want to apologize to you Earth

To the planet that’s given us life

But apology can’t stop the bleeding

The bleeding our kind has caused

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