Middle of Nowhere

* The audio version of this poem can be found here.

Last night

You visited me

In my dream.

I looked up

And saw your eyes.

They were as beautiful as ever.

The familiarity in them

Put my unsettledness at ease.

You smiled at me

And the earth stopped rotating.

Everything was frozen

In time and space.

It was the two of us

In a place that seemed like

The middle of nowhere

Yet, it was familiar to us.

I tried to reach out

And come to you

But I was scared.

I waited for you

To come a step closer

But you too were frozen.

We stayed there unmoving.

Neither of us said a word,

As if we were shocked.

We communicated

Through our looks.

Then, slowly slowly

We both faded away.

I didn’t know how it started

Or how it ended

Because that’s how dreams work.

But I know how it made me feel

And I know the effect

Of this dream will linger

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