Complex Emotions – A Poem

There is a lump

In my throat

That I can’t ignore. 

There is a feeling

In my chest

That I don’t understand.

I slow down and take a step back

In the fast world that’s around me.

I look at people coming and going

Trying to make a living.

It all moves so fast

And I no longer see any faces

Just figures passing by quickly.

Something about it feels odd. 

Not long ago,

I was as busy as them

But I have been absorbing a lot.

Absorbing way too much negativity. 

I have been holding back for so long

That I am becoming full

And the container of my emotions

Can no longer contain those gloomy feelings.

I take another step backwards

And sit on a sidewalk

Letting go of all that I’ve been feeling

Through the rivers from my eyes.

I have to admit

Even I am shocked

At the amount of tears I shed

And the amount of unwanted feelings.

I sat there and didn’t stop my tears

For any reason.

I cried and cried

Until the container of my emotions

Was empty

And ready to be filled once again.

Only then I felt a relief

That I hadn’t felt in weeks.

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