Social Media – A Poem

P.S. The following poem is from my second book, A Jar of Memories, click here to learn more about it.

As good as they are

They also have toxic effects

They have made us

Feel insecure about ourselves

They only show us half of the picture

It’s like showing us the rainbow

But only half the colors

They show us beautiful models

Without showing their struggles

They show us successful people

Without showing how hard they work

We see smiles on people’s faces

Without seeing their frustration

We see people with good intentions

Without seeing what is truly in their hearts

Social media have enslaved us

Making us scroll up all day long

Hearting things and sharing opinions

On that screen

Making us feel bad about our lives

Don’t we know we’re humans

That it is okay not to do what they do

Don’t we know that they too are humans

That they too go through what we’re going through

Social media have made us less social

And more isolated

It’s turned us into hypocrites

Only showing our good sides

Social media have turned us into trolls

Fighting one another in the comment section

Not thinking that there are humans behind it

Humans with feelings and emotions

How many people have we hurt,

By replying with tactless comments?

We need to take a break from it

Once in a while

Go out with friends

Have a coffee with our families

Without checking our devices for a few hours

Take fresh breaths

Turn our heads away from those screens

And see the beauty of the world

Through our own eyes

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