Misunderstood – A Poem

I feel like I am


By my own people.

I speak their language

But my thoughts are different.

They look at me and judge me

Asking me meaningless questions

About my personal life and choices.

They think that I am miserable

Because I am not like the rest.

I have long given up

On explaining myself to them.

They only hear and see

What they want to.

I am my own person.

I will no longer force myself

To fit into something that I can’t.

Things are clearer now

And I’ll be truer to myself.

I’ll keep on doing

What makes my heart happy.

I will color my dreams 

However I want to. 

I’ll shout my happiness out loud. 

I will show them that 

You don’t need to follow

The same traditional routes 

To be a happy individual. 

And whenever they think that

I’ve made a bad decision

I’ll look at them and smile.

And if they ask me the why questions,

I’ll tell them to mind their business.

After all,

It’s my life, my choice.

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