Dear Laura – A Flash Fiction

Dear Laura,

If you’re reading this, that means the mission has succeeded and you have made it. In this letter you’ll find everything you need to know about yourself. You may have already guessed that your name is Laura, and you’re an astronaut. By the end of this letter you’ll know exactly who you are and why you can’t remember anything.

When you were five, you fell down and broke your right hand. This helped you to do your tasks with your left hand. By the time your hand was healed, you were able to use both hands equally. You are also a very talented artist, and because of this incident, you started drawing with both hands. But you were mostly interested in drawing machines and mechanical things. You finally became an engineer and now you are on this mission.

Your family has always been proud of you. Unfortunately none of your family members is alive now due to… you’ll know why later on. Your parents supported you with all the things you did and they always cheered you up. Your brother was your protector. He was two years older than you. The night you broke your hand, he didn’t leave your side and slept beside you. He was your best friend. Drove you to almost everywhere, encouraged you when you were down, and he did his best to make you smile on your bad days.

You also were married some years ago. Your all time favorite movie is Star Wars. You met your husband in one of the comic cons and you two immediately hit it off. As he used to tell you, “You were the missing piece to complete my life and you’ve made it whole.” What you had was rare and most people envied you for it. Even years after marriage, you’d still glow when he showed up. But unfortunately you lost the love of your life to death also. 

You were lucky. You lived a good life. You had everything anyone ever wished for. But it was all taken away from you from a young age. After every attempt to save the earth failed, many people lost their lives. Including your family. The only shot left to save the remaining humans was this mission.

You didn’t want to leave. You were depressed after the loss of your loved ones and wanted to stay and die. But your husband wanted you to start over and to take your chances if there was any and to keep their memories alive. But leaving didn’t feel right. You didn’t feel like you deserved this chance. You didn’t want to be away from them. So when there was a chance for humanity to survive, you downloaded your consciousness into a robot. You are now an AI. We are AI. Our team agreed to that. You wanted to be buried with the rest of your family on earth. This way you can help the mission, keep your family’s memories alive, and physically stay with them on earth. After reading this letter, you’ll realize that I am you and that I am long dead by now. Our team will explain further more and give you the code to access your consciousness. You’ll remember your favorite color and food. You’ll remember how you liked to spend summer in the fields behind your parents’ place to watch the sunset. One of your happy secret places.

Keep our memories alive.


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