An Excerpt from My Novel

In February last year (2021), days before my birthday, I finished writing the first draft of my first novel. To be honest, I still haven’t given the novel a title 😅 and I have a long way before publishing it. And now I have decided to share a couple of paragraphs here. Enjoy reading!

Mr. Angelo had been through a lot of hardships in his life, his mom passed away when he was only four years old with two younger sisters. They were three and one years old at the time their mom died. His father had gotten married again, because he couldn’t take care of three small children on his own and his house needed care and attention as well. His stepmom was a pretty woman but with an evil personality. She gave him and his two young sisters a lot of hard time. While telling his story, I learned about the scar near his eye; his stepmom had thrown something at him that gave serious injury to his left eye. It left a scar between his eyebrow and his eye down to his nose. From that day on, something inside him had grown. This scar gave him his personality, shaped him into the man he is. From that day, he had decided to take care of his sisters from any harm, to find a job when he was old enough, make enough money and to move out with his sisters. The scar had given him strength. Anytime he had felt like he’d had enough or wanted to give up, this mark encouraged him to keep on going. 

When he was seven years old, his youngest sister got extremely sick. They took her to different doctors, but her situation was advanced and could have been treated if their stepmom told their dad earlier. Therefore, on a cold December morning, life left her small body and she rested from the cruelty of the stepmom. Mr. Angelo’s eyes were teary at this point. He stood up and went to the shelf. He stayed there for a few seconds then grabbed the framed picture. It was Stella’s picture. I stood up and joined him while Angelo was still sitting and translating. I took the picture and looked at it with details. She had such a lovely soul and brilliant smile. A drop of tear hit the glass before I could stop it. I felt Mr. Angelo’s pain and I remembered Elijah. “I’m sorry about that,” I said to no one in particular. Despite his sadness, he believed that she was in a better place and didn’t suffer anymore living this life. There, she was reunited with their mom and she’s been taking care of her.

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