The Little Things – A Poem

It’s the little things

That matter to me.

You’d think that

When I tell you

About the simplest things

That happen in my day

Is just me trying to tell you

Something casual,

Or that when I mention

The cliché events

Is because

I tell everyone.

But the truth is

The exact opposite.

I tell you those things

Because, although

They’re plain and cliché,

They mean a lot to me.

And because of that

I like to share them.

Things like:

I wrote a poem today,

I had tacos for lunch,

I watched a fun movie,

A fly irritated me.

Those little things

Contribute to make up our days

And our personalities.

To me, sharing them

Has a profound meaning.

These are the things

That we don’t tell everyone.

We say them to those who matter to us.

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