Friends Break Hearts, too.

Getting your heart broken in a relationship or your marriage is something that is socially and/or culturally expected to happen. And there are so many songs, movies, TV shows, and books dedicated to that. They talk about how hard it is to have your heart broken by the one you love. So many stories about the pain you get from it. There are plenty of resources and tips to help you get over the whole thing and how to heal after your other half breaks your heart. But that is not the only heartbreak out there. There is a type of heartbreak that hurts just the same. There aren’t enough songs, movies, or books that talk about it. And that sort of heartbreak is when your best friend causes it.

I think the reason why there isn’t enough hustle about it is because no one expects to have their heart broken by their very best friend. The best friend who’s been with them since day one, the one who has stuck around while relationships fell apart, the best friend who has listened to the complaints and the endless drama, the one who’s wiped the tears, and has made us laugh on our worst days. We can’t believe that one day this person who means the world to us is capable of hurting us like that. It’s sad, but it’s a fact. And it hurts like hell. 

You always turn to your friend when everything else falls apart, but when your best friend hurts you, there is no one to turn to. You will miss them like you’ve never missed anyone else. When something good happens, you grab your phone to tell them, but halfway through you’ll remember you no longer talk to each other. It’s even more painful when you two became friends from a young age. When you were students together. Sitting next to one another during classes. Writing notes on papers and laughing quietly so that the teacher doesn’t notice. Not to mention the uncountable memories you share and have plenty of interesting stories with one another.

The heartache is underrated and there should be resources to help you cope with the heartbreak from a friendship. We need to make it a norm for people to talk about how their best friend hurt them, and how much they miss them.

So yeah, friends can break your heart, too and it’s possible that one day they’ll become strangers. Maybe even you have hurt your friends too in a way or another. Nobody’s perfect. It sucks, I know that, but it’s just the reality.

If you ever got into a similar situation with a friend or a bestie, remember that friendship breakups are more common than you think. And keep in mind that some friendships do last and become stronger over the years, but not all. 

I know it’s hard not to be friends with someone who was your go to person, but remember that everything will be okay with time. Give yourself space and time to grieve, it’s normal. It’s not going to be easy and honestly, it shouldn’t, because we talk about friendship here, friendships that may have been around since you were little. And it’s also very normal to feel like you’ve changed after experiencing such a heartbreak. 

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