Unknown Darkness

What is this? Where am I? No, wait. Who am I? Why is it all dark in here? Why don’t I sense anything? What is going on? Now I remember who I am, but I’m scared. I have no idea why I am in this sea of darkness. I feel as though I’m floating in the unknown. I don’t feel anything around me. What’s worse is that I don’t even feel myself. I feel like I’m a being without a physical body. It’s so quiet here, all I hear is my own thoughts. I can’t even make a sound. Am I alone? So many thoughts and questions run around in my head, and nothing makes sense. I’m wondering, has something happened to me? Wait, what was that? Ouch. That was painful. Where did that come from? Ohhhh wait a second, I feel that it’s coming back again. What the hell is going on?! Why am I in this massive pain? Oh yes, I suddenly remember everything. I just remembered the surgery. I’m waking up from it. I’m no longer in the unknown, I feel and know where I am. Now I’m trying to make a sound. My brain remembers something important. The words barely leave my mouth and I say, “Pain meds. Have you given me pain meds?” And slowly slowly everything becomes clear.


* Based on personal experience.

* All this happened within seconds.

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