Melancholic Poem

My words about melancholy seem to be endless. Here‘s a blog post about it. And enjoy the poem.

Melancholy has opened its arms

Welcoming me with a tight hug.

Once it embraces me,

I receive its negative vibes.

Not only does it

Hurt me emotionally,

But also physically.

It shatters my heart,

And cracks my ribcage

With its clutch.

When it is around

My eyes get filled with tears

And it blurs my vision.

I have tried to 

Talk to melancholy.

Telling it that I don’t want it here.

But it only does what it wants

And tells me that it likes my company.

It tells me that my tears are beautiful

And it longs to hear my sobs.

It only gets stronger

When I cry for help.


In order to calm it down,

I turn the pain into words,

And create poems

From the hurt.

And frankly,

Despite all the agony,

There’s something poetic

About melancholy.

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