Celebrating My Emotions

There used to be times when I wished that I were a robot  without emotions and lived my life without being affected by anything. Without feeling sadness, happiness, or whatever else we humans have.

But now, I wear my emotions like they are the fanciest dresses and I don’t hide them. Some days they take control of my behaviors and some days I can tame them. On the days that my emotions control me, I will become a version of myself that even I can’t bear. I might say things that are hurtful. That is why, I have learned to keep my distance.

People who are like me are likely to get hurt more often than the rest. And it takes time to cleanse ourselves from what we feel. Because for us, the emotions are intense and pure. They come in strong waves. But I am not afraid nor ashamed to show them to the whole world. That is who I am and I will celebrate that. Because if I don’t pour them out, they will turn me into a melancholic being. The chaos within me will be too loud.

The way of making it affect me less is to put them into words. These words are my guardian angels. If it wasn’t for writing, I don’t know how my life would have been. With writing, I learned how to make them bearable. Writing is the way that has been helping me to breathe more easily. I can’t pretend that I have mastered how to control them completely, but that is okay. I’m not meant to do that. I am these complex and intense emotions. They are what set me apart from the rest. And I will proudly share them through my poetry, quotes, and stories. Own your emotions, too.

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