Lives of Youth Around the World 1

With this post, I will try to show life in point of view from two young men from the USA. I hope you enjoy reading it and it gives you a different point of view.

1:  Matthew Perry, 21, white Matthew Perry
My dreams are I want to publish my series and become an environmental scientist. My friends and family have always been supportive of me. The difficulties I am facing are classes are hard and I don’t know specifically what I want to do. What I like about my city is that Milledgeville is small and I have many friends. If I could change one thing, it would be Atlanta with less traffic. Social life is easy for me because I’m extroverted and in college. I have awesome church groups I’m part of and environmental groups.

2:  Korbin Scales, 26, Caucasian

I’ve always wanted to be the best selling Author. A small dream of mine was to go to a University of Texas Football game. I have achieved going to the game but not without the help of wanting to create a fun environment for my 2 step-kids. I work at a very demanding fast food restaurant. Late nights and long days make up most of my week, afterwards waking up early to get the kids on the bus is difficult. I don’t really have much time to write due to my schedule.

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