Lives of Youth Around the World 2

Today, I will share life from point of view from two young people out there. One is From Canada, the other one is from Australia.

1: 21, Canadian
Dreams and goals that I want to achieve – travel the world and rehabilitate wild animals and work with wild animals. (Haven’t achieved any yet but I have great support from my family). My daily difficulties that I face in life and it also faces me to achieve my goals is severe anxiety and agoraphobia actually. It’s very difficult to deal with and overcome. Yes, I believe that having friends alongside you will make achieving life goals easier. I like that I have friends and family here. I don’t particularly like the city I am in. I would like to change the government of my city and the police force. They’re messing up everything. Life is pretty good. Everyone is nice to each other and kind. I don’t think anyone tries to make life hard for anyone else.

2: Oliver Robinson, 18, Australian

My dream is to write a book and write and direct at least one movie. At the moment I’ve directed a few short films and written some short stories so I think I’m on the right track. In terms of motivation, I think I just imagine the pride I’ll feel when a certain product is made. In daily life, at the moment it’s just maintaining the social life while also working hard at school and getting at least 6 hours of sleep. For my goals, I think the biggest struggle is just not having enough money or resources to do certain things. I think just resources and money basically. How close and connected I am with everything and everyone. Having moved from the country where all my friends were far away it’s much better now and it lets me get into contact with people who’ll help me do things I couldn’t normally do. Sometimes (with school a lot) things can turn monotonous and days can blur into each other. I also think that Melbourne has made many people glutinous. It’s too easy to just live, like people can live not doing much and die not doing much. I think a lot of my generation tries to tackle easy problems that’ll make them feel good about themselves rather than actually trying to better the world.

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