Lives of Youth Around the World 3

I’m glad to share stories of two young souls from different parts of the world, and to get to know their cultures and society a little bit.

1: Paul Krabill, 20, from the state of Indiana in the US

I want to perform and write music someday, I want to use music as a way of spreading powerful messages that help motivate others to do the things they love and to push for something better. I struggle with depression and anxiety disorders, and motivation in general. Motivation is my biggest obstacle since I can’t be taught how to motivate myself to work on achieving what I aspire to do. I think as I start seeing more results and realizing how far I’ve come, things will feel easier since I won’t feel like I’m lying stagnant. There are a number of places to hang out with people you know, and there are some great bike trails and outdoor parks. There isn’t a lot that makes it stand out from other places and if you don’t go to a church or other religious institutions it can be hard to make friends in real life. As an atheist life, it’s somewhat difficult for me to maintain a social life in Indiana since I don’t participate in any religious events. Overall though most people are kind and accepting from what I’ve experienced.

2: 22, eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland)

What I want to achieve: I want to be able to live off my poetry/writing. I also want to empower young people to be more self-aware and to succeed.
I also want to travel to different African countries. As many as possible
Achieved: finally started a blog. Taught a leadership course to university students and will do something similar this year again. Got into the university I wanted. I think the most challenging thing I did and achieved was helping to plan a TEDx conference in Mauritius. It was so far out of my comfort zone to reach out to such important people and get them to speak at our event. Also coaching them and helping them edit their speeches. That wasn’t easy and for long I thought I couldn’t make it. But it felt so good to see my speakers on stage. I am studying in a foreign country so my student budget does get in the way. I also think to have to remind myself that I am able to do the things I dream of. That has been a journey. I am not sure. I have been searching for more writing opportunities online and that helps. Finding s mentor is something I have been meaning to do but I don’t know anyone who can play that role for me. Well, my city has been changing. It is not all that constant. But currently, I love the freedom of living away from home. The country is decently safe if you need help people are always willing to help.

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